Our History

Our family’s history with raising pureblood registered cattle goes back to the mid 1800’s with Barley Wagner and his herd of Shorthorns. When his son Nick Sr. took over the operations he continued with the Shorthorns until around the 1920’s when he went to mostly Herfords and some Angus. Eventually Nick Jr. took over and by the 1970’s he had focused on the Angus. Great-grandpa never got into the changes that were prevailing within the breed from the belt buckle cattle of the 50’s to the frame race in the late 70’s. He took a moderate approach to raising cattle that we follow today.

On the other side of the family my grandfather Wayland Bollinger started out with Holsteins before raising feeder steers and then in the early 1960’s he switched over to Registered Angus.