Moving back to the farm

DSC_0007Jeri and I moved back to the farm this summer to be more active in farming and to learn. I’m enjoying living in the country and living on the farm. The mornings are peaceful and the evenings are quiet. Watching the cows move through the pastures is a wonderful thing. I enjoying getting up in the morning and seeing the cows move to water and then later as they move to cooler pastures for the afternoon and evening. The picture is one of the days we moved the cows into the front pasture for mob grazing to make it easier to move the chickens.


We spend our days working our day job during the week. Jeri and I take care of our small flock of chickens in the afternoons. We have 3 roosters and 9 hens from this year and 4 hens from last year. We have been learning how to raise them on the pasture in chicken tractors. The chickens get our table scraps. We will probably butcher some of them this fall so we don’t have as many to winter. We will winter the chickens in the barn. The picture is of the new flock in the newest chicken tractor.


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About Nathan

Nathan enjoys spending time on the farm. Nathan grew up in town only encountering farm life after marrying Jeri. He helps with chores, and building coops for Jeri’s chickens. He is learning to help out on the farm. He works first shift, full-time for MTD products in Willard. He is member of North Central Angus Association, and Black Swamp Angus Association. He Serves on the media team at Living Word Fellowship Church in Bucyrus. He is an amateur photographer. He enjoys spending evenings with his wife and his dog.