Our Philosophy

Our family has been dedicated to raising and selling quality cattle for over a century. Our philosophy is that our cattle have to work for us, we don’t work for them. That means they need to be able to take care of themselves. They need to calve unassisted and raise a calf that grows quickly without requiring extra inputs like grain and expensive dairy quality hay. We feel that problems breed problems so we rigorously cull to maintain our herds integrity. Because of that we started a line breeding program, this was in part to the fact that our natural service calves out performed our A.I. calves. The other reason was at the time the American Angus Association was informing breeders seemingly every year about a new genetic defect that had popped up and the last A.I. bull we used turned out to be a carrier and we didn’t want to import headaches.

With the line breeding we feel that our cattle are better than ever and much more consistent. We strive for moderate framed, easy keeping cows with lots of gut capacity. Other traits we look for in no particular order; docility, mothering ability, longevity, good but not extreme growth, udder structure, calving ease, good foot and leg structure, parasite and disease resistance, and fleshing ability. We tend to stay away from extreme growth because we feel it is not sustainable over many generations. We like our cows to look feminine and our bulls to look masculine.

Currently our herd consists of about 60 cows and heifers. We breed in only one group and throw all our bulls out at once. This allows us to choose the best calves without being biased towards any sire. Once we choose who we’re keeping we DNA test to see who the sire is. This also lets the best bull win and we feel it improves our herd.

Our farm is run by Nick & Darlene Wagner, our son Casey, our Daughter & Son in Law; Jeri and Nathan Starlin.

We exhibit our cattle in the Black Swamp and North Central District Angus Shows during the Seneca and Crawford County fairs. And in 2016 we started exhibiting at the Ohio Farm Science review in the Ohio Angus Display. Currently we only sell our cattle by private treaty off the farm. We also sell grass fed beef.

Thank you for visiting our website. We encourage visitors to come out to the farm to look over our operation.